I’m just back from the CITCON (Day-I), the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference, hosted by Jeffrey Fredrick and Paul Julius.

Earlier I thought its a conference about CI and Testing. Couple of speakers would come and present their thoughts on these topics. But today when I went there for registration, I realized its different. Its not a fixed agenda conference; but an Open Space conference. The idea of Open Space is that the attendees would present or/and demand topics of their interest. These topics on sticky notes are published on the white board. Attendees would then come and vote the topics they wanna attend. Voting works in very simple manner…just come over and make a small mark on the sticky. The organizers would come next day…check the votes and would then decide the whole agenda for the day. Ah!! Sounds really exciting and gives you a feeling of ownership for the conference.

I voted for 3 topics:

  1. Managing test data while doing CI
  2. Overview of CI
  3. Java – Code Quality

I missed putting my vote for TW’ Cruise. But I’m pretty sure this topic would be there on agenda.

Let’s see what’ there on plate for me for tomorrow.

More to come!!