Notes from The Grokking Algorithms

Maths is fun. Lot of concepts that we learn during academia gets rusty over time. I thought of giving it a revival. Recently I read the book “Grokking Algorithms”. I tried to capture the notes in the following post. [Read More]
Tags: Knapsack, DynamicProgramming

JFall Presentation - Docker, JVM and CPU

With the increasing adoption of cloud native technologies and containerization; the gap between Java development and system administration is decreasing. Whether you are using Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or Mesos/Marathon as a container orchestrator; fundamental challenges for running docker in production are common. [Read More]
Tags: docker, jvm, cpu

Notes Apache Kafka

Topics Offsets have a meaning only within a partition Order is guaranteed within a partition Data is retained only for 2 weeks Data written to a partition cannot be changed Data is assigned randomly to different partitions unless key is specified No limit on number of partitions per topic Topics... [Read More]
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