Erasure Coding Fundamentals

Erasure Coding is a technique to achieve strong fault-tolerance in data storage systems. Erasure codes allow fixed number of component failures in overall system with less storage overhead compared to other strategies that can tolerate same number of failures. [Read More]
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Notes from The Grokking Algorithms

Maths is fun. Lot of concepts that we learn during academia gets rusty over time. I thought of giving it a revival. Recently I read the book “Grokking Algorithms”. I tried to capture the notes in the following post. [Read More]
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JFall Presentation - Docker, JVM and CPU

With the increasing adoption of cloud native technologies and containerization; the gap between Java development and system administration is decreasing. Whether you are using Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or Mesos/Marathon as a container orchestrator; fundamental challenges for running docker in production are common. [Read More]
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